The infinite night sky

Jay aware
4 min readNov 20, 2021

I look up into the night sky and see hundreds upon thousands of stars each night. There are so many of them that words and numbers simply cannot justify their quantity and quality. I wish I could grab them right out of the sky and study them each for hours. They seem so close, yet are many light years away from us and we can only hope that it would be earthly possible to gaze upon them even closer. It’s unfortunate that we are so limited in this aspect, and I hope that one day that can change.

I enjoy reading over astrology and the many different constellations that form our visible night sky. My favorite is the Big Dipper; it takes me back decades to my past when I used to gaze upon it through my telescope. It’s shape fascinates me, and makes me wonder how such a perfect creation came to be.

Photo by Kayle Kaupanger on Unsplash

Gaze upon it, and connect the dots. Take yourself back to your childhood when all you did was connect the dots to reveal the secret behind them. When you’re done, you see the shape of perfection that we call the Big dipper. Though some see it as a basic design, I see it as perfection through the art of imperfection.

It has many neighbors as well that surround it and help it to paint our night sky with. It has it’s little cousin for instance; the Little Dipper. Though smaller in size, it is equally as magnificent to view in our natural shadowy canvas. Then if you expand farther, you’ll find that the Big Dipper helps to make up the even larger constellation, Ursa the bear.

There is simply no way you can gaze upon the beauty of the night sky and avoid getting lost in thought. Just looking upon the stars hooks my attention for hours and makes me wish we could have longer nights. There are so many stars to look at that absolutely brighten our world.

As the saying goes though, ‘There is more than meets the eye,’ no phrase could be more true when viewing the night sky. The truth is, the stars we are able to see are actually the closest ones we are able to view in our area. The same cannot be said for people living in other parts of the globe though, and they get to enjoy even more of a sight.

Jay aware

Writing is not a skill, but rather an instrument. Awareness, and perception brings a true understanding of our world.